absolutwillie creative ventures

Academic Skills Tutoring

Tutoring focuses on the development of:

  • Academic Reading skills;
  • Academic Argumentation;
  • Academic Writing and related protocols;
  • Literature Reviews;
  • Research Paradigms;
  • Research Methodologies; and
  • Research Proposals (up to Master's level).


With over a decade's worth of experience in teaching (primary, secondary and tertiary education) and overseeing the academic development of under- and postgraduate students – our main passion is addressing the gap in academic literacies and skills hindering first-time university students as well as those venturing into postgraduate studies for the first time.


Willie Knoetze (LinkedIn, 2020), our resident #wreckademic and former Head of Academics at a private university satellite campus, is dedicated to providing 1:1 tutoring to students determined to excel in their studies. For more information, please reach out via the Contact Us page.