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TTRPGs for Home-schoolers

Building on the insights from his PhD research, Willie identified the need for local homeschooling learners to develop communicative meaning-making skills in order to thrive in the world beyond standardised tests. Based on the incredible response to the Tabletop Roleplaying Game campaign that was run for the study, we began running customised TRPG adventures for groups of kids who wanted more from learning than having a home curriculum.

Some cool research on Tabletop Roleplaying Games and learning:

Fun and Games

Everybody needs to kick back and relax every now and then, and we do this by playing games together. For kicks (and keeping track) we started recording our own D&D™ campaigns, which now span a number of years, and dipped our toes into recording gameplay of PC titles that tickled our fancies. We share these (often chaotic, rarely edited, always with consent) recordings on YouTube for the heck of it  :D


[Casual content may contain English and/or Afrikaans language commentary.]

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